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Remodelling Jewellery

Recycling your old jewellery has many benefits. We are much more aware these days of our carbon footprint. As well as being a cost saving to you remodelling your jewellery is environmentally a good choice. You can’t enjoy your jewellery if it is sitting in the drawer. If it’s out of style or worn out consider having it remodelled into something exciting and fresh

Reasons to Remodel

sapphire diamond ring remodel - before and after

Sentimental – Usually, jewellery we own has sentimental attachments. Often, we make a piece from a combination of pieces. The rings on the left were inherited from a much loved Mother. Mums and Daughters don’t always have the same taste in fashion. However, the sentiment of the jewellery is strong. We designed this ring to combine the two rings into one to suit the taste of the new new owner.

upgrade man's wedding ring

Celebrate an Achievement – Usually when we get married there are so many costs and we’re at a time in our lives with crippling mortgages and children on the way. We may not have the budget we’d like for our wedding rings. There comes a time as we grow older, the debts have reduced and the kids have left home. We can start to spoil ourselves. The wedding ring on the left was getting thin and it was time to have it re-made and upgraded at the same time.