Jewellery Design

Free Consultation With Our Jewellery CAD Designers

Never before has it been so easy to have a custom ring designed right in front of your eyes and with your input.

Diamonds Direct have been forerunners in Computer Aided Design, or CAD as most people know it as, within the jewellery industry in New Zealand. Technology is moving at an incredible pace and it is within the jewellery industry that CAD has become a real asset.

Make a booking with us and watch your design appear right in front of your eyes in the most life-like three dimensional form. It really eliminates the fear of custom design anxiety. The feared “Will I like it?” You get to see exactly what your jewellery will look like before the jeweller even takes his seat in the workshop.

How It Works

Bespoke Custom Designed Ring

When you’re looking for something original we can create a jewellery design for you that will be really special and suit your style as well as your lifestyle.

  • Make an appointment with our CAD jewellery designers. We’ll ask you a few lead questions about the purpose e.g. Is it for an engagement ring, a dress ring? Maybe a bracelet or otherwise. You may already know you want a round diamond solitaire ring. We can show you styles and options. Your feedback is important so we can eliminate the dislikes and bring out the likes.
  • Once we have narrowed down the options and found the style you desire we can show you a computer rendered image of design possibilities including diamond size if required.
  • We can then provide diamond grade and size options and pricing
  • When we’ve found the right combination of design, gems and budget we can begin the process. A deposit paid and the creation begins.

Re-modelling of Old Jewellery

CAD remodel jewellery

So often we end up with jewellery sitting in a drawer never being worn. There are many reasons why. Often we have alot of sentimental attachment to these pieces. The reasons we don’t wear them can be – They’re no longer to our taste, they were gifts or inherited and were never to our taste, or they’re simply worn out and they’re no longer safe to wear. It’s a really nice thought to combine jewellery from loved ones into one special piece that will suit you. You can then love it and wear it. It’s time to come in and discuss a re-model.

Contact us to make a booking for an exciting design experience


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