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  • Engagement Rings
    perhaps the biggest jewellery purchase of your life, or at least the beginning of many beautiful pieces to come. An engagement ring is the symbol of infinite commitment and undying love.
  • Solitaire Rings
    A single diamond in a ring has long been the symbol of a couples engagement and intended commitment to each other. Some things never change
  • Three Stone Rings
    Three stones to cherish your past, celebrate your present, and promise forever.
  • Moissanite Rings
    Know that it’s made with care, for those of us who choose with care.
  • Right Hand Rings
    "The left hand is for thee, the right hand is for me." Right hand rings are for celebrating a woman's independence and happiness. The left hand is traditionally the hand that carries a wedding ring. What about single women that would like a diamond ring for the sheer pleasure of it? How about a right hand ring?
  • Coloured Stone Rings
    Rings where a coloured gemstone is the main focus in the ring.
  • Silver Rings
    We've had fun with silver ring designs, accents of gold, coloured diamonds and black pearls.

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