CLIQ Frequently Asked Questions

cliq - diamond engagement ring
I haven’t been able to wear my ring! Can you make my ring CLIQ?

ABSOLUTELY! We can make any ring CLIQ-it will sit comfortably and beautifully at the base of your finger!

Is CLIQ technology safe?

Absolutely! CLIQ has been manufacturing jewellery for almost 25 years When you hear the click of confidence, you know your ring is on securely!

My ring has details or diamonds on the sides and bottom of it! Can you make it CLIQ?

Your jewellery is as unique as you are. At Diamonds Direct our desire is to make your rings fit perfectly- any ring, any style! It’s important to us to maintain the design of your ring!

How do I know what ring size I need?

Because CLIQ rings fit the base of your finger and open completely, you need to be sized at the base of your finger. We will help you find your TRUE finger size.