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Johnny Sherry grading a parcel of diamonds New Zealand Gemological Laboratories working as part of Diamonds Direct undertakes all requirements of jewellery evaluations, valuations and appraisals. Rest easy in the knowledge your jewellery is appraised on-site. You don't risk having your precious items couriered to somewhere you have no idea.

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 Insurance Valuations - Make sure your jewellery is adequately covered under your insurance policy. Because of the huge increase in precious metals recently, you may be under insured. Did you know if that is the case, you may not be paid out for the full value of your items. Don't learn the hard way.

After Loss Insurance Valuations - We provide quotes and valuations for watches, jewellery and other personal property, whether you have paperwork related to the articles or not. We are recognised by all of the major insurance companies.

Diamond & Coloured Stone Grading - We can provide full gemstone reports and gradings with the use of our specialised gemomolgical equipment, expertise and training.

Gem & Metal Identification - You've heard the saying 'all that glitters is not gold'. Never more so than now. Fakes are getting better and there are more swindlers ready to take advantage of trusting buyers. With the internet as a tool many are seeing what seems too good to be true, and usually it is.

Pre & Post Purchase Valuations - Know whether the asking price for what you desire is a fair price before making your purchase. Or, assuming you have made a purchase already, would like to know whether you have bought well.

Divorce Settlement Valuations, Estate Settlement Valuations, Tax & Revenue Valuation and Appraisals, Law Advanced & Regulated Assignments, Trial Expert Witness & Consultant.

Johnny Sherry AiSV - Appraisers International Society Valuer.

AiCore™Program on International, Multi-Specialty, Personal Property Valuation & Appraisal Fundamentals; AiS-GJ Appraising Gems & Jewellery; AiS-Law Advanced & Regulated Assignments; AiS-Tax & Revenue Valuation and Appraisals; AiS-TEw Trial Expert Witness & Consultant.

Johnny Sherry - Gemomlogical Institute of America Diamond Graduate, Coloured Stones Graduate.

Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand Inc Member - An organisation of fully qualified specialists in advanced valuation and gems and jewellery appraising of personal property.

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