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Jewellery Repair, Restoration, Re-make, Repurpose, Adjust

Diamonds Direct on-site master jewellers and repair specialists have over thirty years of experience in Kerikeri, servicing the community with the very best quality repair, adjustments, restoration, diamond setting, and more. We combine old techniques and skills with the latest technology to provide the very best in jewellery repair and maintenance. Our quality of work is unequaled. If you want the best then look no further. There is not much we haven’t seen before or cannot repair. Free quotes for all work. All work guaranteed.

full jewellery repair service
  • Ring Re-sizing
  • Ring Repairs
  • Settings Re-tipped, Re- Clawed, Replaced
  • Ring Maintenance Warranty
  • Stones Supplied & Re-set
  • Repair or Re-polish Stones
  • Clean/Polish Jewellery
  • Chain & Bracelet Repairs
  • Solder Charms
  • Repair Earrings
  • Re-shank Rings
  • Rhodium Plating White Gold
  • Replace Catches
  • Repair Pendants, Re-build Bales
  • Re-stringing Pearls etc
  • Engraving Hand and Machine
  • Jewellery Appraisals and Valuations
  • Jewellery Insurance After Loss Quotes and Repairs
  • Watch Batteries & Straps
  • Watch Water Pressure Tests
  • Full Watch Servicing

Ring Re-sizing

We can size your ring larger or smaller to fit your finger perfectly. We will ensure your ring is the perfect fit and that it slides comfortably, yet firmly, over your finger. Regardless of the ring being sized up or down we will do a seamless re-size. 

When a ring size is altered it can loosen the stones in the setting. As part of our work we will check and tighten all of your gemstones to ensure their safety. If your ring is white gold we will include rhodium plating to give your ring a brand new shine.

If the ring is going up in size we insert a new section to make it larger. If the ring has engraving we will repeat the pattern to make the sizing as invisible as possible. We will also ensure if there is an engraved message inside we will cause the minimum disruption to it, if any at all.

ring re-sizing

Ring Repairs

Many maintenance and repair needs come under the term Ring Repairs. Other than the maintenance required on settings there is a host of other jobs we undertake.

  • Re-shank – The shank is the band of the ring. This wears out over time. The process is often sped up when rings are worn on the same finger. They wear against each other and usually the higher karat gold ring wears first as it it slightly softer.
  • Undersetting re-build – This is beneath the gemstones. Also caused by rings being worn together on the same finger. Often it’s a result of “off the rack” rings not properly shaped to fit beside each other.
  • Damaged or missing components – Sometimes parts of rings just get damaged or broken off. We can re-create perfect matches to make your ring look new again.

Settings Re-tipped, Re- Clawed, Replaced

Maintaining the claws on your rings is a must. if you don’t have your claws regularly checked they could have been knocked out of line or worn so thin that your diamonds will simply fall out. Many insurance companies require you to have your claws checked regularly. We will check your claws for no charge. We recommend having this done every twelve months.

Replacing missing claws and re-tipping claws – Quite simply if you wear your ring, the claws holding the stones in place can get worn. If your claws are worn we will strengthen old ones by re-tipping the claws or replacing the claw completely if this deems necessary for the security of your gemstone.

Don’t take the risk of losing a precious gem. Come in now for your free check.

re-tip reclaw settings on rings

Ring Maintenance Warranty

Stones Supplied & Re-set

Occasionally you may lose a stone out of your ring, whether by a knock, worn claws, accident or other. We can colour match a replacement stone for you and repair the settings as required. This quite often can be an insurance claim. We can provide a quote to replace for your insurance company.

This is also a good time if you have been considering changing the style of setting. Some rings we see have poor design and the stones falling out is often no surprise to us. If this is the case we will advise you accordingly. We don’t want you spending money without an improvement if the result will be the same further down the track.

Repair or Re-polish Stones

Well loved gemstones sometimes need re-vamp. Coloured gemstones do get scratched and chipped, and just don’t look their best anymore. We can re-polish those gems for you. It does involve removing them from their mounts, but usually the setting is at the stage where it also needs a re-build. This is the ideal time to do so.

Diamonds can get damaged too. We can re-cut diamonds and coloured gemstones so they will look new again. Depending on where they are damaged will influence the size they may have to be cut down to however. Sometimes a replacement stone may be the better option. Of course this may not me a suitable choice if the gem has significant sentimental value. We can provide you with the options and costs to help you make the best choice.

Some of this work may be able to claimed on your house contents insurance. We can provide insurance quotes if required.

Clean/Polish Jewellery

We can revive your jewellery back to it’s original dazzle with our professional ring cleaning and polishing service. Daily activities slowly dull the sparkle of your jewellery. Your precious metals get scratched and scuffed from everyday wear. We will buff your jewellery to a high polish with our specialised mops and polishing rouges. Gemstones also require cleaning as dirt and grease gets stuck underneath the stone causing them to look dull and lifeless. Our industry specific professional cleaning equipment is required to give your precious jewellery a well deserved treat.

We have two levels of jewellery cleaning service.

  • Clean and Go – This is a no charge service we offer. It is a basic clean, usually we will clean your ring in our ultrasonic cleaner. This is sufficient if your ring is relatively new and still looking great but the gems and metal lack their usual sparkle. We don’t check security of stones nor do we tighten any.
  • Premium Clean & Polish – We will hand polish your jewellery. This will remove scratching and make your jewellery look like new again. If there is a build up of grime behind the stones, this will be removed. All gems are checked for security and tightened if required.

If your rings are white gold they may also require rhodium plating. Rhodium plating gives your white gold a beautiful shine and prevents it from tarnishing. It also helps the gems to look brighter. Rhodium plating is a maintenance service that depends how ‘hard’ you are on your jewellery as to how often it needs doing. Expect to have it done every two or three years.

Chain & Bracelet Repairs

Solder Charms

Don’t take the risk of fitting charms to bracelets without having the links soldered closed. We solder charms on bracelets, gold or silver. We can supply larger jump rings if required. We also carry a small range of charms and order any as required. Great gift for grandchildren.

Repair/Alter Earrings

Re-shank Rings

Re-shank refers to replacement of the band of the ring. Well loved ring’s bands eventually wear so thin that they become vulnerable, as well as dangerous, because they are so thin and sharp they can cut into the finger. Often wearing multiple rings on the same finger has a sandpaper effect as they wear against each other. Fear not, it is a repair we can do to successfully restore your ring as new and make it safe and comfortable to wear again. We can repeat the pattern as it used to be, whether that includes an engraving pattern on the outside or a message on the inside. If you find you can’t remove the ring from your finger we can help there too. We can painlessly cut the ring from your finger and re-size or re-shank it so that it is comfortable and safe to wear, and take off if necessary.

Some of our customers request us to also join multiple rings together as they are always worn that way. We can do that in such a way that they can be separated again if desired.

Rhodium Plating White Gold

Replace, Repair, Re-build Catches

Repair Pendants, Re-build Bales

Pendant maintenance is generally far less than rings and chains as they are not subjected to the same wear and tear. The most common work is re-building of bales where the chain slowly wears away at it making it thin. The other common repair is any moving parts for similar reasons, they wear against each other. We undertake this work as well as re-building any pendants damaged in unforeseen circumstances to bring them back to new.

Re-stringing Pearls etc

The last thing you need is to be on the dancefloor at a wedding and find out you should have had your pearls re-threaded, as your precious pearls scatter across the floor. Of course this horror story is a scenario nobody needs. Pearls require re-threading from time to time as the silk gets a little tired, frayed and stretched. Moisture, sweat and perfumes are absorbed into the silk and your pearl strand needs some love and attention. Bring them to us and we can help. If the clasp needs adjustment or replacing a full re-thread is required then also. We provide a twelve month guarantee on necklace re-threading.

Engraving Hand and Machine

We undertake all engraving jewellery requirements. Although our engravers are off-site, they are highly competent and professional and the quality of their work is exceptional. Engraving can fall under two general categories – “messages and names”, and “patterns and images”. We do both. Depending on your needs we will recommend either machine or hand engraving. We can also show you some of the more ornate designs our hand engraver is capable of.

Jewellery Appraisals and Valuations

Jewellery Insurance After Loss Quotes and Repairs

Watch Batteries & Straps

We carry and fit the best quality watch batteries. While we are there we check the battery cavity and clean any battery leakage, check the condition of seals, re-lubricate or replace if required. We work with precision and care on all brands including Rado, Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Citizen etc. We can also fit new batteries in all dive watches.

We carry quality leather ZRC French watch straps as well as a range of “well priced” straps. We can replace pins and springbars and can remove links from metal bracelet watches.

Watch Water Pressure Tests

Often after a battery replacement a water pressure test is also necessary to ensure your watch is still up to it’s water resistance required for your needs. A dive watch is something you rely on for self preservation. You need to trust it will function under water. We can do a water pressure test while we fit your battery. We will also check the seals, re-lubricate or replace as necessary.

watch servicing