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Design Studio

You may have a design in mind that you would like to bring into reality, or you may not even know where to begin on a design.
Our design team will work with you to create your unique design.
With the years of experience the design team have, talking with our clients, we believe we have a very unique skill in being able to listen to you, hear your needs,
and understand your tastes, to work with you to present for you a design that is both beautiful and practical to your requirements.

We can present several options so you can make an informed decision.
We will also take the time to help you through the confusion that sometimes comes in understanding the complexities of gemstones.

Precious stones are very much like wine. We will take the time to explain to you the technicalities of each stone and why one may be worth more thananother, but like wine you may not like the most expensive one on offer. You may like the proportions of another, or the shape of an inclusion may remind you of something significant to you.

Stones are like our fingerprints. No two can ever be identical.
Of course you may also like the most perfect stone that your money can buy. This we can accommodate too.

How the process develops

The first consultation whether it be by email or face to face is determining your taste.
You may already have a design. Basic sketching usually follows to clarify layout and style. Certain adjustments might be made.

A selection of stones of varying grades and possibly sizes may be presented including pricing. An estimate of total spend may be given at this stage when required.

A more detailed image can then be provided and an accurate quote or estimate. Sometimes a three dimensional wax form helps to see the piece better.