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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings represent a bond of love. The ring itself needs to endure the eternity of the love itself. A wedding ring can be as simple as a plain gold band or as intricate and detailed as you so desire. There are varied needs and requirements of wedders. A wedding ring may need to be designed to compliment an engagement ring. Not only that, it would also need to be certain that it fits without the two rings rubbing against each other and damaging them both.

The staff at Diamonds Direct will help you with your decision by checking the design of your engagement ring, if required; listening to your ideas and wishes, taking into consideration your lifestyle and job. Once this has all been assessed they can help you make an informed choice of a suitable wedding ring, that not only looks beautiful but is practical.

Having your Wedding Ring Custom Made

If you can’t find the wedding ring that really satisfies your desire, the next step will be to talk to our jewellery designers and have your ring custom made. This is particularly a good idea if you have an engagement ring that needs to have the wedding ring shaped around it or that it is a special style and needs to have the wedder made in that same design. Having your ring custom made is an enjoyable journey and it makes your ring just that little bit more special.

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