Diamonds Direct - Certified Antwerp Diamond Brokers

Diamonds Direct, Certified Antwerp Diamond Brokers in Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand have unique advantages over other retail jewellers. Because we have been in the jewellery trade for so many years we have built up alot of contacts. We travel to Antwerp, Belgium, the world's diamond capital to handpick diamonds to ensure our customers the absolute best diamonds for their investment. Having earned a diamond grading qualification through Gemological Institute of America means we know diamonds inside out. Not many jewellers around the world can offer this experience or connections. Another reason why we should be your diamantaire and goldsmith is that not only do we know diamonds but we are the craftsmen who can make, remodel, and repair your jewellery. We understand that jewellery no matter what the monetary value is priceless, if we measure it in sentiment. We treat it with respect. We will also gladly cater to all budgets. All diamonds are special, whether they be the size of a pin head or as large as a coin.





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